About Us

Mechatronics Engineering Solutions was established in January, 2012 by a team of highly experienced professionals specialized in providing turnkey solutions for Industrial and building Automation projects.
Our team have years of experience in providing industrial automation solutions and services to a variety of industries. We specialize in successful solutions of industrial automation, by replacing the business risk of introducing new technology with results. We are resourced to provide a cross-divisional approach for graded in depth training, support, maintenance services and turn key projects related to all business and industrial sectors.

MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS is a leading Siemens System based Automation Service provider company, providing automation solutions to all sectors of industry. Whatever your requirements, from the smallest of peripheral handling equipment to a full turnkey production system.

MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS can offer a fine solution. Our experienced team of
Design engineers will find a way to automate your application in the best and most cost effective way.
Our service support team will ensure maximum uptime. We pride ourselves on our commitment and ongoing support to our customers.

MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has been a major player in the Industrial Automation arena developing strong partnerships in the Industrial and Business community for years. Our aim is to nurture excellence within each and all of our activities, encouraging a culture of collaboration within the Company and with our customers and partners. We are proud that our services, and technologies help deliver lesser down time, Client satisfaction, safer working practices, protect the environment and conserve natural resources.
We work to understand what is important to you and then engineer solutions to give you a pay back in the shortest possible time – whether it’s through improved productivity, higher quality control or more efficient processes.